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Why work with a financial planner?

You're intelligent and you've accomplished a lot without a financial advisor. Why start now? 

We find that people who ask themselves this question are competent in many areas, and you're particularly self-aware about one fact: You have limited time and energy, and you would rather not spend it on researching every possible financial option to make the best decisions for your family.

Recommended reading: How to Choose a Financial Planner (Wall Street Journal) 

Ask yourself these questions to decide if it makes sense to work with a financial planner:

  • Income planning - Do you know how much you can spend in retirement, which account to take the money from first, and how much tax you will owe?
  • Investments - Do you know your optimal mix of stocks and bonds to achieve your goals? Does your current mix match your target mix?  
  • Tax management - Do you know what kind of tax shelters are available to you now, and are you taking advantage of them?  Are you following the Roth conversion rules that require you to pay taxes on backdoor Roth conversions using a prorated formula if you have other IRAs? Are the investments in your taxable (joint) accounts tax-efficient?
  • Retirement accounts - Do you understand what you can do with your old company retirement accounts to minimize taxes, create your target mix, and stay within all the IRS withdrawal and rollover rules?
  • Social Security optimization - Does it make sense to wait to claim Social Security, and if so, where does your income come from until then? Should you and your partner both wait to claim, or just one? Which one?

If you know all the answers to the above questions, do you execute the work or put it off?  

The team at Clear Perspectives are your financial experts. We do the work for you, using state-of-the-art software, and we study continually to stay on top of the rules and opportunities. We have years of experience, and your family's best interests are our top priority.

Our multi-channel capacity allows you the greatest flexibility in communication. Meet in person or via videoconference. View accounts and investment performance on demand with your online portal. Email or call any time. See our specialties.

When you choose Clear Perspectives, you will:

  • Maximize your benefits from P&G and other major corporations.
  • Be heard. You'll meet with both a woman and a man from our highly educated, compassionate advisory team.
  • Get personalized advice based on the latest research, not fads.

Call us at 513-469-8400 to see if we're a good fit. We are here to listen and help; we'll never try to sell you something. As a bonus, your first meeting with us is free!