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Our Philosophy

We like to look at objective independent studies of long-term investment market results, not headlines or what's in fashion. We will often share recent studies or data with our clients, and welcome the flow of information both ways! Send us an interesting article or topic you want to discuss:

We operate on the following investment principles:

  1. Keep costs low and diversify broadly. We invest in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), not individual stocks. We have access to virtually any existing stock, bond, mutual fund or ETF through our two large financial partners, TD Ameritrade Institutional and Dimensional Fund Advisors. We can trade many funds at no cost to you. We use professional financial management software to evaluate and adjust our portfolios to achieve these objectives.

  2. Connect spending to savings for retirement. Research has demonstrated the safest, most effective approaches to withdrawal in retirement. We help you design and execute a retirement budget and withdrawal strategy that will work best for you. 

  3. Minimize taxes. We study tax laws and take full advantage of opportunities. We only participate in clearly accepted tax-management practices, not offshore or illiquid investments. Careful tax management of your investments can add 28% to your portfolio return or income. 

  4. Manage for the time frame. Funds earmarked for shorter-term goals (e.g. seed money for a new business) may be invested more conservatively than the rest of your portfolio.